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    A Tase from Memoir at the heart of Old French Quarter

    For the first time after years of service, the chefs of Press Club have designed a special New Year menu dedicated to the first diners of the Year of the Ox.

    No matter how modern life has become, the traditional Tet holiday still holds a sacred place in the hearts of Vietnamese people. It is a time when in the middle of a rushed life, we stop and find the most cherished values ​​in the depths of each person’s heart – family, union with loved ones, or a trip down the memory lane of our childhood, of our youth…

    Perhaps that is why this year, the chefs of Press Club want to keep a scent of the old Vietnamese New Year on the dining tables that on any other days, are mostly reserved for southwestern French cuisine. Called “A Taste from Memoir”, as the menu is neither fully traditional nor fully modern, the old Vietnamese features stand out on the Western cuisine through the way the Press Club chefs skillfully use the ingredients. The freshest imported ingredients are used to enhance Vietnamese flavors.

    Diners will find in Press Club’s early Spring menu dishes that recalls traditional New Year’s Days’ meals, such as chicken salad or scentful Chung cake. In addition, there are also dishes that often appear on weekends or holidays’ menu such as grilled Australian beef in betel leaves, scallop with Japanese sea urchin soup, fresh spring roll with Canadian lobster,…


    The most special dish might just be the grilled Patagonia toothfish – the “white gold” of the Antarctic Sea – rich, white meat like grapefruit, sweet and fat but elegant, like an unforgettable charm. Or, it might be the “khau nhuc” braised pork of the Northwestern mountain ranges which the chefs have spiced across a whole day and sou vide for 8 hours so that the meat is tender and creamy that melt in your mouth. When served with crispy and sweet pickled radish and a piece of Chung cake, not even royal dishes come close.

    Cooking is to put all of your thoughts and feelings into each dish and the joy of seeing the smiles shine on the faces of your guests.


    “Tet for every Vietnamese family is about reunion, about talking to each other next to delicious foods. I want Press Club’s Lunar New Year menu must be different enough than traditional Tet’s meal at home, yet evoke the same emotions and flavors of Spring days of old in our guests’ memories, ” shared Press Club’s chef de cuisine.

    Vietnamese New Year menu is served at Press Club

    from February 13 to February 28, 2021,

    priced at VND 1,500,000 ++ / pax for groups of 2 pax or more.

    Covid-19 safety measures recommended by the Ministry of Health are always put in effect at Press Club, to keep your Spring dinings delicious and safe at the same time.