Press-Club, one of the most distinguished business and culinary addresses in Vietnam, was founded in the late 90’s as Hanoi’s premier Meeting and fine-dining venue, a place where dignitaries, entrepreneurs, businessmen and expatriates could interact and dine in a

comfortable, elegant setting. Set above the famous Journalist Association, home to writers and journalists since the war, the place is intended as a tribute to the finest creations by the gesture of the hands, whether it be for writing words, lacquering wood, painting art, vinifying wine or cooking dishes. The Press-Club welcomes any guest all day every day from breakfast to late evening drinks.


Michelin starred Chef – Alain Dutournier

Born in a culinary cradle of France, multi-award winning Michelin-Star chef Alain Dutournier now personifies the soul of Press Club where he presents the highest culinary art of France. Being one of the top Parisian chefs, Alain has brought to Hanoi the exquisite flavor of South-Western France.


With great location, impeccable food and service, we strive to serve our guests better day by day. We bring flair, elegance, and creativity to each and every event, from an intimate family gathering to a grand affair and corporate offices, both in-house and outdoor.



Set in its original colonial décor from the 1920’s, La Table du Chef is a subtle journey into fine crafts, paintings, culinary and winemaking arts. Lovers of haute cuisine are invited to hunt for traces left by the hand gestures embedded into many aspects

of the decoration of the restaurant.This story appealed to Michelin-starred chef Alain Dutournier who selected La Table du Chef to bring his art of haute cuisine. Chef Alain now personifies the soul of La Table du Chef and his hands are the expression of the highest culinary art. Together with his talented Vietnamese Resident Chef, Dao Van Son, he brings to La Table du Chef the highest standard of excellence in French cuisine, with a touch of Vietnamese taste.
After 40 years as a Chef, Alain Dutournier is now considered among France’s most prominent figure in French gastronomy and is a regular guest on TV shows. At the helm of the renown Carré des Feuillants restaurant in Paris, he personifies the authentic cuisine of French “terroirs”. Born in the south-western region, he likes to include in his dishes product from his region such as foie gras, truffle or duck confit. His wish to share his immense know-how in Hanoi is a tribute to a country he enjoys considerably.In this artistic atmosphere, gastronomes will have a chance to discover an exceptional menu. The exquisite dishes are carefully paired with the most refined selection of wines to create a memorable culinary experience in the heart of Hanoi’s French quarter.

The wine menu proposes 600 labels from the most famous winemakers of the world, a majority of French wines, as well as wonderful discoveries from Alain Dutournier, all stored in the open cellar on site.”

La Plume bar and Lounge

Set in an astonishing décor inspired by the design of the legendary Long Biên bridge, La Plume is fast becoming a hot spot in the historical part of Hanoi offering an all-day café, snacks and evening drinks especially exotic cocktails.

This is the place to discover and enjoy the best cocktails in town, perfected by world champion Master Mixologist Phạm Tiến Tiếp. From a perfect place during the day-time for a snack or a chat, the lounge becomes an exciting venue in the evening, with a DJ owning the room (Thursday through Saturday) as well as other live entertainments. La Plume also offers a very explanatory wine menu with 600 labels from the most famous producers of the world, a majority of French wines, all stored in the open cellar on site.winemaking arts.
Press Club Catering


With 20 years of experiences in the field of Food & Beverage, Press Club caters for all types of occasions, from sit down banquet, bush barbecues, lavish themed celebrations to elegant cocktail parties, at the location of your choice.

Please recall wonderful moments created by Press Club’s catering team.


Head of cuisine

Đào Văn Sơn


With over 20 years working experience in the world of French fine dining such as Sofitel Metropole Hanoi and Sofitel Plaza Saigon, Son had the chance to meet with many Michelin-Star chefs from whom he acquired knowledge and expertise. He has become the Vietnamese Resident Chef at the Press Club where he introduces to local gastronomes the authentic French cuisine with a touch of Vietnamese taste.