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Goût de France 2021 Week – The Taste of France

What could you find on a French dining table? What makes a gastronomy that French Foreign Minister described as the best way to promote “from the countryside to the cities” of France to nearly 100 million visitors a year and food lovers around the world?

Fine dining is a cornerstone of French culture, but not only because of its quintessential culinary for hundreds of years.

Fine dining is also where the way of life of the French are laid out on a small table: unspoken etiquettes rule an intimate atmosphere, dinner lasts until late night, two things that never run out – wine and conversation topics, and the romance of candlelight or a flower vase…In France, there’s a culinary style for each regions, a recipe for each homeowners, even if it’s the same dish. That’s why the French dining table is so interesting!

And they knows how to flirt with the stomachs of food lovers all over the world, regardless of whether or not they actually set foot on the country: if you can’t go to France, then a French dining will come to you. Goût de France was thus born, an initiative from the French government to bring French cuisine around the world, with the participation of thousands of chefs and 150 embassies.

This year, Press Club takes inspiration from Goût de France with an eponymous menu for a week, introducing French dishes not to be missed. You will remember the nutrient-rich foie gras terrine, the soft yet firm Cannelloni smoked salmon, or lukewarm and greasy veal Blanquette. You will also not forget the taste of Brie cheese or Millefeuille et Paris Brest, once you put down a glass of red or white wine imbued with Mediterranean terroir.

Accompanying diners and dishes on the menu table are two wine labels, white and red, from the famous Guigal winery in Rhône valley. Pursuing quality with a respect for nature, with almost no interference in the cellars, Côte Rôties vineyard and its owner Marcel Guigal are two of the most sought after names by connoisseurs around the world.


Guigal, Cotes du Rhone, White

Freshness marked by the distinctive aromas of Viognier;white flowers, apricot, acacia and white peach. Fruity with plenty of richness and body.

A well-rounded wine with elegance, strength and balance.

Guigal, Cotes du Rhone, Red

Fresh fruits with red berries and spices. Full, round and racy. Rounded and smooth tannins. A full-bodied, rich and intensly aromatic wine.

Full with a long finish and plenty of elegance and finesse due to the well balanced tannins and fruit.

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