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Sip, savour and relax at La Plume Bar & Lounge

With an impressive list of Champagnes, wines by the glass, remarkable spirits and cocktails, the inviting ambiance of La Plume Bar & Lounge is perfect for light lunch, all day tea and coffee or a relaxed evening cocktail in luxury surroundings.

In the heart of French quarter in Hanoi, La Plume Bar & Lounge exudes a warm and lively atmosphere inspired by the romantic design of legendary Long Bien bridge.

The name “La Plume” originates from the quill pen that people in ancient times used to write beautiful literary works. It also recalls a time in the past when journalists, writers and photographers from all walks of life gathered in this place to exchange their experiences and the latest news. Left as a hint of such times, famous quotes in different languages from writers from all over the world are embedded in details of the decoration. Less hidden is a massive central bar counter under the metal ceiling inspired by Long Bien bridge that creates an impressive setting for a stroll along the French colonial times in Hanoi.

In what is intended to be a memorable environment, La Plume offers an irresistible selection of drinks. Guests can sip some of the finest teas from around the world, or wonderful coffee drinks as they take in peaceful city views from the floor-to-ceiling windows. La Plume Bar & Lounge has a wine list of more than 500 famous labels which can satisfy the most discerning tastes. Here, there are the best cocktails in town, including hand-craft creations such as “phở” cocktail, “full moon” cocktail, “chiều” cocktail… and a great selection of classics to choose from.

Mrs. Võ Hồng Thu (Royal City, Nguyễn Trãi street, Hà Nội) drops in La Plume sometimes with her friends or colleagues. She shared: “I love this charming atmosphere, especially when the fall arrives and sprinkles its gold rays on green leaves. Not to mention good food and good cocktails”.

From a perfect place during day-time for a meal or a chat, the lounge becomes and exciting venue with DJs owning the room and other live entertainments in the evening. So next time you are thirsting for a delicious drink or a joyful place to dance the night away, head to La Plume Bar & Lounge. You are guaranteed an unforgettable experience – no matter how many cocktails you have!

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