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Why whiskey and cigars are the perfect match made in heaven?

Because both of these are strong flavors that are highly warming? Or because they are crafted with a lot of time, care and attention? We all remember our first whisky, our first cigar, not only thanks to its delicacy but also to the memories it evokes…

You are invited to join our exceptional Glenlivet Tasting Night at Press Club on Friday 7th June 2019 to enjoy the world-class single malt scotch whisky followed by a truly smooth smoking experience.

Furthermore, every guest at the event will be offered:

  • 01 free “The Glenlivet” cocktail through the interactive game “LET’S FIND OUT THE ORIGINAL”
  • 01 free cigar (Corona/Romeo/Guantanamera) when buying a bottle of The Glenlivet (12/15/18)

Please contact us today for booking and further information.

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